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Robot automation equipment

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Robot automation equipment

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Robot automation equipment

1. Precise spraying, long normal operation time, low paint consumption, short working hours, 24 hours of continuous work, high reliability

2. The spraying speed is quick, the spraying is even, and the height, front and back, and angle position of the spray gun are automatically adjusted according to the change of the workpiece. The spray size control is flexible, and there is no dead angle spraying in 360 degrees.

3 robot explosion-proof, environmental protection, high safety performance, easy operation and control.

4. Spraying robots can spray two to five different products at the same time, one for multiple machines.

5. The spraying robot has a long service life, no wearing parts, and easy maintenance. It has less wearing parts such as guide rails and belts than the five-axis painting booth.

6. The program can store 300 groups, available U disk copy program, easy and simple management;

7. At the corner of the movement trajectory, the arc filtering function can be used, without stopping at the end of the straight line, directly filtering the arc to the next line, the speed is not stopped, the efficiency is improved, and the start-stop shock is also reduced.

8. Spray gun triggers can be freely added to the motion trajectory, and the spray guns can be sprayed with the position switch as required by the product to reduce paint waste.

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