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Car painting equipment

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Car painting equipment

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Car painting equipment

Four major elements of automotive coating equipment: coating materials, coating technology, coating equipment, coating management

Automotive coating classification

1, according to the different coating objects, automotive paint can be divided into: New car original paint, car repair paint.

2. Classified by coating method: powder coatings for automobiles, special coatings for automobiles such as PVC sealing coatings, automotive liquid spray paints, automotive electrophoretic paints, and post-painting treatment materials (anti-rust waxes, protective waxes, etc.).

3, according to the classification of the use of the car: cargo coating, engine parts paint, interior decoration paint, wheels, frames and other components used in corrosion-resistant coatings, automotive body paint, chassis paint.

4, according to the coating on the car from bottom to top classification: automotive intermediate coating, automotive paint, generally refers to solid color finish, do not need to cover, automotive varnish, automotive refinish paint, automotive use Paints, mostly electrophoretic paints, automotive base paints (including solid and metallic flash primers).

The coating of automobiles and their components is one of the most energy-intensive and waste-producing processes in the automobile manufacturing process. Therefore, reducing painting pollution, reducing coating costs, and improving the painting quality of automotive painting equipment have been the subject of the development of painting technology.

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