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Electrophoretic coating production line

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Electrophoretic coating production line

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Electrophoretic coating production line

Electrophoresis equipment (electrophoresis tank, spray tank, electrophoresis power supply, electrophoresis recovery ultrafiltration machine, electrophoretic coating equipment) electrophoretic paint (color electrophoretic paint, cathodic electrophoretic paint, anode electrophoresis paint) products are matte, flat light, high light and color, Performance is at the advanced level of domestic equivalent products. Widely used in automotive, household appliances and various types of steel corrosion coating. Electrophoresis, also known as electrophoresis (painting), swimming paint, electrodeposition.

1. Pure water equipment: mainly divided into two kinds, ion exchange and reverse osmosis water machine.

Electrophoretic coating has higher requirements for the use of pure water, and there is only one test item for pure water: conductivity (μm/cm). Matching paint dispensing tank needs the conductivity of pure water to be less than 10μm/cm, and the water used for washing and washing is required to be less than 50μm/cm. The above-mentioned indicators of pure water need to be completed through water making equipment, that is, to make raw water into Pure water required equipment. For small yields, small-scale electrophoretic coating users can choose to purchase industrial pure water to save more. The ion exchanger is suitable for the raw water conductivity is not more than 200μm/cm, more than 200μm/cm of raw water should be selected reverse osmosis pure water machine to produce pure water, raw water conductivity greater than 1000μm/cm should choose reverse osmosis water machine + pretreatment water softening Complete the pure water production process. The conductivity of urban residents' water can be consulted with the local water company; the conductivity of groundwater, well water, landscape water and river water is relatively high, and basically a reverse osmosis water purifier is needed to complete the water production process.

Ion exchanger: Ion exchanger technology has a wide range of applications in the field of water treatment. Such as water softening, water desalination, high-purity water preparation, can also be used for the decolorization and purification of food drugs, the recovery of heavy metals, chemical raw materials. There are three types of ion exchanger equipment: yin and yang bed, mixed bed, and regenerative bed. The positive and negative beds adopt advanced countercurrent regeneration technology. The mixed bed is equipped with column regeneration and cation resin migration and regeneration technology. The regeneration bed is designed for yin. For the mixed bed operation process configuration where the resin is regenerated outward, our company also designs and manufactures various other types of ion exchange equipment.

2. Spraying tank: Spraying is mainly used for pre-rinsing and post-rinsing, and is more suitable for customers with inconvenient on-site waste water discharge or higher requirements for site cleanliness and hygiene. At the same time, it is more convenient to recover the first backwashing paint; at the same time, the spray is more suitable for the workpiece with complex structure and the work efficiency is higher. Third, electrophoretic paint recycling machine: mainly applicable to the need to recover electrophoretic paint and the discharge of wastewater have strict restrictions on users. The equipment can not only recover the electrophoretic paint backwashed, but also can effectively filter and ultrafiltration the waste water from the pre-treatment and post-treatment, so as to achieve the relevant requirements for environmental protection and sewage discharge.

3. Heat exchanger: usually used to reduce and control the temperature of the electrophoresis bath, because the electrophoresis working fluid heated up faster during the electrophoresis process, or the bath temperature is too low in cold weather, in order to ensure that the bath working temperature is within the normal range, Heat exchangers should be used to cool or warm the bath fluid.

4. Ultrasonic cleaner: It is usually used to treat oil stains, artificial sweat and wax on small electrophoresis workpieces. It is suitable for the following products: high pre-treatment requirements; high-grade decorations and handicrafts after electrophoresis after plating; complex structure and shape High-grade small products; high-grade aluminum products or magnesium products.

5. Testing equipment: Mainly: 1 Conductivity meter - Detects water quality and bath conductivity indicators. 2 Acidity meter (PH meter) - Detect the pH of the bath. 3 Refractometer ─ Detects the solid content of a transparent electrophoretic paint bath to determine if it is necessary to add original paint.

6. Oven drying: Mainly used for drying and curing of electrophoretic products. It adopts microcomputer intelligent control, over-temperature alarm, overheat protection, time setting, binocular digital display, good linearity of temperature control, accuracy of ±1°C, fluctuation of ±1°C, and tracking alarm function.

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