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Sprinkler System

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Sprinkler System

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Sprinkler System

The high-pressure spray washer consists of an electronically controlled high-pressure pump reservoir. The high-pressure spray washer is simple in operation, with few failures and uniform cleaning results. And for all companies tailored non-standard high-pressure spray cleaning machine, high-pressure spray cleaning line, the use of single-phase 380V power supply, continuous work. Applicable to various industries of tensile parts, die castings cleaning operations. Electric heating system can be installed, thermostats can be set, widely used in: sink industry, hardware products industry, fryer industry, auto parts line, rice cooker industry, low cost.

1. The speed is fast and the effect is uniform. The inner tank and outer tank are all stainless steel.

2. It has a novel continuous cleaning device with the functions of cleaning liquid spray, fresh water spray rinsing, blower blowing water, and hot air drying.

3. Instrument working time, temperature, power (adjustable).

4. It greatly improves production efficiency and saves costs.

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