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Small automatic painting equipment

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Small automatic painting equipment

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Small automatic painting equipment

The automatic painting equipment adopts advanced control components such as programmable logic controller (PLC), servo controller and programmable man-machine interface (touch screen), and is an efficient and automatic spraying machine equipment.


 ● The man-machine interface (touch screen) is used for the control panel. The operation and setting parameters are simple and intuitive. The parameters of various models can be stored and recalled for direct use.

 ● The main controller uses a programmable controller (PLC).

 ● The spraying robot is driven by a servo motor, driven by imported screw rods and linear modules to increase the spraying speed and spraying accuracy.

 ● The mechanical screw rods and sliding tables are imported brands, and the maximum speed is up to 1000m/s.

 ● The interior of the sprayer adopts a new type of water and oil filter design.

 ● The exhaust system adopts the bottom exhaust, and the top purifies and filters the air blow to avoid splashing of the paint ink. The exhaust air is discharged after treatment to reduce the pollution to the outside world.

 ● Spraying adopts imported automatic spraying. Two symmetrical installations can rotate automatically.

 ● The oil supply system uses double diaphragm pumps and mixers to automatically mix ink and set the oil flow. Adaptation: plastic, hardware, leather goods, wood, glass, magnesium alloy and other products (such as computers, televisions, notebooks, monitors, LCD panels, cameras, mobile phones and other shells, for the uneven surface of the workpiece coating better).

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