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Electrostatic powder spraying equipment

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Electrostatic powder spraying equipment

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Electrostatic powder spraying equipment

Powder spraying equipment includes dusting chamber, powder supply system (including gun + hoist), recovery device, ventilation system, etc. The recovery device is in the form of bag + cyclone, filter element, small cyclone + filter bag, small cyclone + porous plate and so on.

The dried powder is charged into the powder and is then fluidized and delivered to the spray gun by compressed air. In the spray gun, a high voltage of 10 V is generated according to the double pressure principle, and the multi-electrode is used to bring the powder to a voltage of 70-1000 kV during injection. The electric field is formed between the dust gun and the grounded workpiece. The powder is directed along the power line to the workpiece and adsorbed on the workpiece due to the surplus electricity.

Powder spraying equipment powder spraying equipment is mainly divided into two categories: 1. Manual powder spraying equipment

                                                   2. Automatic dusting equipment

The principle of manual spray: (has energy, low investment cost)

         There are two working stations diagonally opposite each other on the powder room. The operator is standing at the work station. The workpiece is driven by the hoisting chain. When the workpiece passes the station, the operator sprays the surface of the product and continues to do so. operation.

The working principle of automatic spraying: (have unity, high efficiency, investment cost)

        There are diagonal reciprocating reciprocating machines on both sides of the powder room. The reciprocating machine is equipped with a powder spray gun, and the workpiece is driven by the hanging chain. When the workpiece passes the spray gun, it starts spraying powder.

Powder sprayer production instructions:

        Powder spraying cabinet tripod is made of iron square tube or stainless steel square tube, adjustable foot cup, box body is made of galvanized steel plate or stainless steel plate, and the recycling adopts the filter core anti-blowing centrifugal fan or centrifugal cyclone recycling, recycling drum bottom loading There are universal casters to facilitate the collection of recycled powder, lighting uses 40W explosion-proof lights, control the use of intermittent powder, electrical quality brand electrical.

Powder recovery working principle:

        The powdery air in the powder room is attracted by the recovery blower, which in turn passes through the filter separator. More than 99.5% of the powder is separated from the filter element and falls into the powder bucket. The powder is conveyed from the venturi to the automatic gun supply powder bucket for repeated use. In order to ensure the filtration capacity of the filter element, the filter recovery device is an adjustable pulse type, equipped with a compressed air blowing device, and the adjustable interval from the filter element is cleaned from the inside to the outside. Since the filter element is pulsed from the inside to the outside, compressed air acts to swell the powder. Continuous and effective filter cleaning, thus ensuring the recovery of the filter element.

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