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Explosion-proof dust collector

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Explosion-proof dust collector

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Explosion-proof dust collector

Dust explosion-proof dust collector uses the suction of high-pressure centrifugal fan to suck flammable and explosive dust gas into the body of explosion-proof dust collector. After uniform distribution and diversion, gas flows from bottom to top, and dust is blocked by filter cartridge on the surface of filter. Clean air is discharged to the outside through fans. In order to achieve the effect of dust removal, the filter installed by our company has a large filter area and high precision of filtering material. The filtration efficiency can effectively remove solid particles with a diameter of 0.3-20 microns from the airflow, and the purification rate can reach over 90%. It has the advantages of simple structure, small floor space, convenient operation and maintenance, and high purification efficiency; in order to prevent dust from accumulating in the body and generating high temperature and sparks, it is equipped with 8 sets of antistatic and high-temperature materials in addition to the filter system. The sprinkler fire extinguishing head and the fire extinguishing spray bar are connected with the water tank and the water pump. When the temperature control probe senses that the temperature is over-valued, the water pump works automatically, the spray head sprays the liquid to the inside of the dust remover to extinguish the fire, the fan stops working, the total air lock valve is cut off The main air duct; multiple protection measures can handle high-temperature, explosive air flow, minimizing the possibility of fire and explosion.


1. Dry dust collector type The most commonly used environmental protection equipment in various industries. It has the features of high filtration accuracy, stable operation, extensive processing of dust, simple operation, etc. It has become the most important environmental protection equipment for handling dust;

2. Suitable for handling high temperature, flammable and explosive dust;

3 stable operation, easy operation, high purification efficiency;

4 can be used for fog dust accumulation of dust, gas;

5. Safe operation, convenient operation and maintenance

Applicable industry:

Various types of industrial dust, organic odor, acid-alkali waste gas absorption and purification of harmful gases such as washing and purification, boiler flue gas desulfurization, die-casting machines, central furnaces, incinerators and other flue gas, chemical pharmaceuticals, food processing, metallurgy, casting, carbon Materials, mechanical processing, building materials, tablet presses, granulators, mixers, ingredients, condiments, vibrating screens and other industries.

Application scope:

Applicable to furniture industry, hardware industry, plastics industry, electroplating and metal surface treatment industry, grinding, polishing and flammable and explosive dust collection and treatment (especially for enterprises and workshops with strict explosion-proof and fire-proof systems).

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