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What are the dust explosion safety knowledge?

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What are the dust explosion safety knowledge?

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The use of large-scale dust collector equipment needs to pay attention to some safety issues, such as the choice of its surrounding environment, whether the nature of the attachments on the surface of the object is detrimental to the switching of the machine, etc. For example, users who use cloth bag filter must pay attention to Oh, dispose of the ash bucket.

After every blowback of general explosion-proof dust collectors, there will always be some residual dust and dust left in the machine or attached around the filter material. After a long time, it will cause a large amount of dust to deposit in the machine. The smaller ones will float in the air, but its nature is uncertain. If the static electricity and other metal parts of the machine react, it will easily lead to the burning of related materials, if the concentration of this material is 20-6000g / M3, there is a danger of explosion, so our operators will also suffer serious damage. In order to prevent this unexpected situation from happening, we should have this understanding before using the dust removal equipment:



1. Control dust accumulation in bag filter

      Firstly, the funnel dust should be transported away in time, which is crucial to the normal operation of the bag filter. The dust handled by the bag filter is mostly flammable dust. If the funnel dust is not transported in time, it will cause dust. The accumulation of heat can easily cause spontaneous combustion of dust. Accumulated dust is not a strict whole, which is air, and the accumulated dust is actually a mixed colloid of air and dust, which will become a source of secondary dust explosion and lay a hidden danger for safety.

      2. Put an end to all possible sources of fire

      Fire sources include ordinary fire sources and frictional fire sources. Ordinary fire sources, as the name suggests, are artificial or naturally occurring fires, which are eliminated through periodic investigations and personnel management. Friction sources of fire are mainly sparks such as sparks generated by the friction of objects. These types of fire sources are mainly generated by large particles of metal entering the interior of the machine. When employees are trained, such situations should be eliminated.

      3, dust collector installation location

      The dust collector should be installed away from areas that will generate high temperatures, avoid direct sunlight and cause the machine surface temperature to be too high

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