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What are the characteristics of electrostatic spraying electrostatic spraying equipment?

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What are the characteristics of electrostatic spraying electrostatic spraying equipment?

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Electrostatic coating equipment has the following characteristics compared to air spray:

(1) The paint utilization rate is greatly increased

The utilization rate of the coating in general air spray is only 30% to 50%, and for porous or mesh structure parts, the coating utilization rate is still lower than 30%. The use of electrostatic spraying, paint particles by the force of the electric field is adsorbed on the surface of the workpiece, significantly reducing the splash and rebound, paint loss greatly reduced, the utilization rate increased by 1 to 2 times.

(2) Improve labor productivity

Electrostatic spraying is suitable for mass production. It can spray multiple guns at the same time. It is easy to realize automatic flow production and the production efficiency is increased by 1 to 3 times compared with air spray.

(3) Improve coating product quality

As the charged paint particles are discharged on the workpiece due to the electric field force, the entrainment effect is generated according to the distribution of power lines. Through the configuration of the spray gun and the adjustment of the spray parameters, a uniform, smooth, smooth, full coating can be obtained, which improves the protection and decorative effect of the coating.

(4) Improve coating environment

Air spray paint mist splashes are severe and operating conditions are poor. The spraying of paint mist caused by electrostatic spraying is minimal, and it is carried out in a paint booth, and the working conditions are greatly improved.

(5) There is a tip effect

Due to the tip effect of the electrostatic field, shielding against the concave portion results in a thin coating, while the tip and sharp edges are thicker. It is generally necessary to use manual spray to compensate for defects.

(6) Not suitable for non-conductor workpieces

Non-conductive workpieces such as plastics, wood, rubber, and glass must undergo special treatment to make them conductive before they can be electrostatically sprayed, otherwise they are not suitable.

(7) High Voltage Spark Discharge Risk

Electrostatic spraying is performed under high pressure. When the workpiece is shaken or the distance between poles is too short due to improper operation, it will cause high-voltage sparks to spark and cause fire. Therefore, electrostatic spraying should pay special attention to safety, and it is very important to set the fire extinguishing device in the spray booth.

(8) High requirements on the electrical properties of coatings

Electrostatic spraying has high requirements on the electrical properties of coatings, and is susceptible to environmental temperature and humidity. When it is uncertain, tests should be conducted first.

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