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Explosion-proof dust collector explosion device how to set?

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Explosion-proof dust collector explosion device how to set?

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Explosion-proof dust collector explosion device how to set?

   Aluminium powder explosive dust at a certain concentration, in the case of sparks or static electricity, can be used for blasting or incineration. Aluminum powder blasting, the most important element is the concentration of aluminum powder, the most useful way to control the explosion of aluminum powder, that is, the concentration of aluminum powder control. In order to ensure safe operation, a gravity-type active diapir blasting door is also installed at the critical location. This equipment is usually depicted on the top of the blasting chamber and the dust removal pipeline. It is dust-covered and the equipment has been accurately accounted for. When the attack occurs, the door can be opened and the burst pressure can be vented to prevent equipment and personnel from being damaged.

   After the pressure relief, the door is automatically closed by gravity. The pulse dust collector and the device to control the concentration of aluminum powder is a dust collector, only the bag filter has excellent working conditions, and the dust removal effect is good, and the aluminum powder concentration of the entire cleaning machine equipment will not increase. Therefore, ensuring the outstanding dust removal function of the dust removal appliance is the key to the normal operation of the equipment. The effect of dust removal depends primarily on the filter data. When the filter data is blocked, the dust removal effect will be greatly reduced. When the ventilation and filtration conditions of the filter data are outstanding, the pressure difference between the static pressure chamber and the dynamic pressure chamber of the explosion-proof dust collector will be stabilized within a fixed range. Therefore, the pressure difference of the control explosion-proof dust collector is the most important for operating the dust collector. Useful method. When the dust collector operation is blocked for a period of time, the differential pressure value detected by the instrument will change. When the detected value exceeds the set upper and lower limits, the pressure difference control device will operate the cleaning tissue of the dust filter cartridge of the dust collector, such as Shock or backflushing removes the dust on the outside of the filter material to ensure that the dust is used with outstanding working conditions.

   Explosion-proof dust collector system explosion vent device design should be in accordance with the physical and chemical properties of the process materials, dust explosion index, operating temperature and pressure, pressure fluctuations in the production, whether there is reverse pressure changes, the required opening pressure, vent size , Volume and length-to-diameter ratio of enclosures, special and normal operating conditions, maximum allowable vent pressure, enclosure material, relevant vent film strength, materials related to vent frames, total required pressure relief Area, installation conditions and size, etc., and the venting device should meet the following requirements:

(1) Accurate opening pressure

(2) Start-up inertia is small, and the general explosion vent material does not exceed 100PA

(3) The opening time is as short as possible, and it cannot block the vent

(4) Increase the actual opening pressure value by avoiding ice and snow, debris covering and corrosion and other factors

(5) Eliminating freezing with weak heat at the seal of explosion-proof dust precipitator leak valve to avoid increasing opening pressure

(6) Avoid damage to personnel and equipment due to debris from explosive devices

(7) To prevent venting the vented door and closing the enclosure to generate negative pressure, so that the enclosure will be destroyed

(8) Prevent the vent cap from sucking open when strong wind flows through the pressure relief vent

(9)Safety nets should be installed at the pressure relief port of explosion-proof dust collectors to prevent human errors from falling into the meshes, and the meshes should be larger to avoid reducing the explosion area.

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