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Coating production line common problems?

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Coating production line common problems?

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Coating equipment, working environment, coating management, coating process and materials directly affect the production efficiency of the coating line. In this process, the process layout of the electrostatic coating equipment has an important influence on the use of the coating line. Here we will understand the typical errors in the process layout of the coating equipment.

First, the output design program can not reach:

       Some designs do not consider the painting equipment hanging method (different painting pendants should consider different hanging methods), do not consider the spacing between hangers, do not consider the downhill, horizontal turning distance has no interference, nor in production time Consider scrap rate, coating equipment utilization, product peak production capacity, and more. This will lead to the production of the design program.

Second, the coating equipment process time deviation

    In order to reduce the cost, some designers often achieve their goals by reducing process time. The common ones are as follows: 1. The transition time of the pre-processing of the coating production line is not enough, which will cause the string liquid; 2. The curing time does not take into account the specific heating time, resulting in poor curing; 3, the spray painting time is not enough, resulting in Paint film leveling is not enough; 4, cooling time after curing is not enough, so that from the resistance caused by spray paint (or the next piece) when the workpiece is too hot or not enough fixed.


Third, improper delivery equipment design:

    From the design point of view, there are many ways to transport the workpiece. If the design is not proper, it will easily have negative consequences for the production capacity, process operations, and upper and lower parts. Common suspension chain transmission, its load capacity, traction capabilities require calculation and interference mapping. The speed of the chain must have corresponding requirements for the equipment. Painting equipment has requirements for the stability and synchronization of the chain. When designing, these aspects must be considered properly.


Fourth, improper selection of coating equipment:

    Due to the different requirements of different products, equipment selection is also different, and all kinds of coating equipment have their advantages and disadvantages. If you can not explain to the user at the time of design, it will cause the coating line to be unsatisfactory to the customer after the manufacturing is completed. For example, dust-free drying tunnels with air curtain insulation, cleanliness requirements of the workpiece does not install purification equipment. This type of error is the most common mistake in the layout of the painting equipment process.


V. Improper selection of process parameters for coating equipment:

    In general, the coating production line due to the wrong choice of process parameters is more common, one is due to the improper selection of a single coating equipment design parameters, the second is the lack of adequate support for the equipment system, and the third is not designed.


Six, supporting paint equipment defects:

    There are more equipment associated with the coating line, and in order to reduce the price, some equipment is omitted. It also fails to explain to users that unnecessary misunderstandings are common. Commonly there are pre-treatment heating equipment, spraying equipment, air source equipment, exhaust piping equipment, and environmental protection equipment.


Seventh, did not consider the energy-saving problem of painting equipment:

    For now, this energy price change is relatively fast. At the time of design, if these issues were not taken into account and the user’s production cost is high, some users have to renovate and purchase equipment in a relatively short period of time. This is not the case. The customer is willing. The quality of the layout design of the coating equipment is crucial to the use of the coating production line. If the layout of the painting equipment is improper, the entire coating line will not work well even if the individual equipments are made well. Therefore, when designing, we must avoid these common mistakes above, resulting in unnecessary losses!

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