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Dedusting equipment of wood chips

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Dedusting equipment of wood chips

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Dedusting equipment of wood chips

According to the characteristics of the wood dust in the furniture workshop, in order to make the ZYMC series dust removal equipment more suitable for handling the wood dust, our company has improved the ZYMC-II pulse injection bag type dust removal equipment. The improved DMC-II pulse injection bag type dust removal equipment has retained the high purification efficiency, large gas processing capacity and stable performance of the ZYMC- I type. With the advantages of convenient operation, long life of filter bag, small maintenance work and so on, the structure and pulse valve are improved, the application range of bag type dust removal equipment is expanded, the efficiency of ash collecting is improved, the service life of filter bag is prolonged, and the labor strength of operator is reduced.

Working principle:

Furniture factory wood dust collection measures: in each processing machine dust source above or side installation of the dust cover, through the fan effect, the dust inhalation pipeline, and then to the storage bin, can reach the dust concentration of each working point to 2mg/m3. The efficiency of dust removal is from 95% to 99%.

Furniture factory dust removal equipment is mainly composed of the following components:

(1) shell part: including clean room (or gas purification box, gas box) and filter room. Partition board, repair door and shell structure. The cleaning room has a lifting valve and a flower plate, and a short pipe is sprayed. A filter bag and a skeleton are arranged in the filtering room.

(2) ash hopper and ash unloading mechanism: there are ash hopper and screw conveyor, air conveying chute and rigid impeller feeder, or discharging valve, respectively, according to different series and different concentration of imported dust.

(3) inlet and outlet box body: including inlet and outlet pipes and middle baffle. The single (row or single row) structure is arranged on one side of the shell, and the double row (or double row) structure is arranged in the middle of the shell.

(4) pulse cleaning device: including pulse valve, air bag, cylinder for lifting valve and solenoid valve.

(5) compressed air pipeline and its pressure relief device, oil-water separator, oil mist and so on.

(6) pillar and vertical cage ladder, railing.

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