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Cyclone dust collector

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Cyclone dust collector

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Cyclone dust collector

The cyclone dust collector is composed of an intake pipe, an exhaust pipe, a cylinder body, a cone and a ash hopper. The cyclone dust collector is simple in structure, easy to manufacture, install and maintain management. The investment and operation cost of the equipment are low. It has been widely used to separate solid and liquid particles from the air or separate solid particles from the liquid. Under normal operating conditions, the centrifugal force acting on the particles is 5~2500 times the gravity, so the efficiency of the cyclone separator is significantly higher than that of the gravity settling chamber. Based on this principle, a cyclone dust removal device with a dust removal efficiency of more than ninety percent has been successfully developed. In the mechanical dust remover, the cyclone dust collector is the most efficient one. It is suitable for the removal of non - adhesive and non - fibrous dust. Most of them are used to remove particles above 5 m. The parallel multi tube cyclone device also has a 80~85% dust removal efficiency for 3 - M particles. The cyclone duster constructed with special metal or ceramic materials with high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and corrosion can operate at a temperature of 1000 degrees C and pressure of 500 x 105Pa. In terms of technology and economy, the control range of pressure loss for cyclone dust collector is generally 500~2000Pa. Therefore, it belongs to the medium effect dust collector, and can be used for the purification of high temperature flue gas. It is a kind of widely used dust remover, and it should be used in the dust removal of boiler flue gas, multistage dust removal and predusting. Its main drawback is the low removal efficiency of fine particles (<5, m).

The operating parameters of cyclone dust collector include: the inlet air velocity of the dust collector, the temperature of the gas and the inlet mass concentration of the dusty gas.

1) inlet air velocity. For a certain cyclone type dust collector, the increase of inlet air velocity not only improves the gas volume, but also improves the separation efficiency, but the pressure drop increases. When the inlet air velocity is increased to a certain value, the separation efficiency may be reduced, the wear and tear increase and the service life of the dust collector shortens, so the inlet air velocity should be controlled within the range of 18~23m/s.

2) to deal with the temperature of the gas. Because the temperature of the gas increases, the viscosity increases and the centripetal force of dust particles increases, so the separation efficiency decreases. Therefore, the precipitator operated at high temperature should have larger inlet air velocity and smaller cross section velocity.

3) the concentration of the inlet mass of the dust containing dust. When the concentration is high, the large particle dust has obvious effect on small particle dust, and the separation efficiency is improved.

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