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Hanging conveyor

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Hanging conveyor

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Hanging conveyor

Suspension conveyor is a three-dimensional space closed-loop continuous conveying system, which is suitable for the automatic delivery of the articles between the workshop and the workshop. In the modern industry, conveyors for hanging machinery in industries such as machinery manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, steel rolling, aluminum smelting, light industry, household appliances, chemicals, rubber, building materials, telecommunications, nuclear radiation, and meat processing have been widely used.

         Universal suspension conveyor (or ordinary suspension conveyor) adopts I-section rail cross-section. Its traction components are composed of stamped easy-to-remove chain or forged easy-to-remove chains and carriages. The load spreader is directly connected to the carriage on the traction chain. .

         Universal suspension conveyor has the following advantages:

(1) The conveyor is mainly used in the production process where there are a large number of joining processes, a compact production cycle, and a relatively stable process method.

(2) It has good space and can rotate freely in horizontal and vertical planes. According to the process flow, reasonable wiring design is required. It can pass through several meters or even tens of meters of buildings. The line length can reach 1500~2000m. Thus, each single independent professional production link is made into a line, and the workpieces are transported to a designated station according to a predetermined line, so that the objects and production purposes can be achieved.

(3) With strong adaptability, the objects can be continuously transported through high-temperature drying tunnels, harmful gas zones, pickling phosphating baths, electrophoresis tanks, spray booths, freezing rooms, etc. Improve the working conditions of workers.

(4) The layout of the conveyor has little effect on the ground equipment and process operations. At the same time, since the conveyor itself is an "active warehouse", it is possible to cancel the storage space between the various stations, thereby improving the economic rationality of the production area. .

(5) An automatic production line composed of a certain number of production beats can not only increase production efficiency, ensure product quality, shorten the production cycle, reduce laborers, but also strengthen the management level of the company.

(6) Wide range of speeds, 0.3 to 25 m/min. And can be based on the need to achieve stepless speed and intermittent operation and double-line synchronous operation.

(7) The wide range of articles to be transported is as follows: the maximum weight of the cargo is 2000kg, and the length of the article is 4~5m.

(8) Applicable to a wide range of operating temperature, the whole environment temperature -20 ~ 45 °C, the working temperature of traction members and track -20 ~ 180 °C.

(9) Small power consumption (unit traction 150~300N/t), low maintenance cost, easy management and safe use.

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